Chapter five

Henry caught one apple, but the other slipped his grasp. Owen can have that one, Henry thought.

“Uh,” it was Aiden.

“Sorry,” said Henry,” Owen got stuck in the tree. Again.” He sighed.

” Guess I have to go up and help him down.”

Henry jumped up and grabbed the closest branch. He quickly climbed to Owen.

“Just don’t look down,” Henry muttered. Owen didn’t move.

“Why do I have to do this?” Henry moaned. He grabbed Owen and pulled.

“Hey! What are you doing?!”

Owen shrieked and scurried down the tree. Henry climbed down after him.

“Why’d you do that?” Owen asked offensively.

Henry ignored him, “Are you ready for the initiation?”

“Yeah, but…”

“Just get it ready while I talk to Aiden would ya?”


“Aiden, I have a few friendly tips, when I say, plug your nose, close your eyes, and shut your mouth.”

“Ookay,” Aiden answered.

“Now stay there and don’t move.”

Henry hurried behind a large tombstone behind Aiden. He came out with Owen. Between them, they held a tub of swamp water.

“Okay Aiden, now.”

“One,” counted Owen.

“Two, Henry whispered back.

“Three!” they shouted together.

They ran up behind Aiden dumping the swamp water on top of him.

Aiden gasped as cold mud and weeds washed over him, and got a mouthful of mud.

Aiden spat out the mud, grabbed his towel, and started rubbing furiously.

“How was that?” Owen asked. “When Henry and I started this club, we had to push each other into the swamp!” He shivered.

” Not fun, Definitely not fun.”

” Now time for the oaths. Now repeat after me. I solemnly swear,”

“I solemnly swear,” Aiden and Owen began.

“Not you Owen, you’ve already done the oaths. I will neverand I mean never, tell anyone about this. Not even my mother. And if I break this oath, I will be banned from this club and anything to do with it.”

Aiden repeated this and they moved on.

” Now to show you the club house.” Henry said excitedly.

” It’s really cool.” Owen added.

Henry went over to an especially large tombstone. He knelt down  and slowly traced his fingers across the tombstone. A minute later, he stood up. Before him had opened up a long, twisty, stone stairway.