My LARP character

The sun beat fiercely upon the dunes of red sand. Raisa Fireblade paused at the top of the tallest. And, for the first time in days, looked toward the horizon behind her. It was as if the numb stupor she’d been trapped in for days dissipated and drifted away on the coarse, hot wind. Everything Raisa had locked inside of herself flew to the surface, and hit her like a blow to the chest. Crushing sorrow, for the opportunities she’d lost and the loved ones she was forced to leave behind. Burning anger towards herself and the people of the clan. But the emotion that hit her hardest was shame. Realizing the nature of what she had done, Raisa very nearly crumpled to the ground. The feeling in her fingers gone with the coming of her despair, she dropped her sacks of supplies, and turned fully to look at the setting sun. Back at the clan, the paltry, makeshift village, would be bathed in the blood red light. Before, she had never appreciated how beautiful those small moments could be. Eyes prickling, but refusing to cry, Raisa scooped up her bags, and continued her long trek eastward, toward the coast and the worlds beyond.