A Sneak Peek at one of the stories I am currently working on! 2016



In the beginning it was almost peaceful. The gentle white surrounding me was actually quite soothing. At the very first, I had been exhausted, worn out, drained; but that soon left me. Then as the time wore on , the incessant quiet began to grate on my nerves. The dead silence was unnerving. I couldn’t even hear the beating of my own heart. It was as if nothing existed. There was only me and the infernal prison I was forced into unwillingly.

Soon, it became more than just unnerving. It became maddening. Being confined only to your own head is a nightmare you don’t even consider a nightmare until it has happened.

Floating in the seemingly never-ending nothingness, suicidal thoughts develop in your head. I had imagined so many ways I could die, and wished for them to happen. When you can’t even follow through with your desperately hatched plans, you feel yourself teeter on the edge of sanity. I was standing on the brink of this cliff when the cursed prism that had held me prisoner for so long-



  1. Check back soon for more of this story!

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