Chapter six

“Ta Da,” ¬†Henry said. ” Now follow me down to the secret club house.” Henry started down the staircase.

“What the-? Huh?” Aiden asked looking at Owen with a shocked expression.

“Just get moving” ordered Owen, striding over to the stair case.

Down, down, down they went, Henry still in the lead.

” Here we are.” Henry announced.

They walked into a round chamber lit by hundreds of long lasting glow-sticks set inside old torch brackets and plastic cups lined against the walls.

There was a pretty girl with sleek black hair, restocking glow-sticks.

“Miranda? What are you doing here this early?” asked Henry questioningly.

“Might I ask the same about you?” Miranda shot back haughtily, without turning around.

A slight blush crept up Henry’s neck and into his cheeks.

” Well,” murmured Henry awkwardly.

“Aiden, this is Miranda. She is also part of the club.”

Miranda shrieked,” Get away from me, you fool!” She stared at Owen fiercely. “Don’t you ever do that again,” She growled,” or else.”

“Owen,” Henry sighed, “You didn’t jump start her again, did you?”


“Yes he did!” screamed Miranda shrilly. “He did! He did! He did!” she shrieked again, without stopping again to take a breath.

“Owen, how many times do I have to tell you, leave Miranda alone. Will you ever learn?”

“Nope,” grinned Owen sheepishly, ” I don’t have any capitoly of learning.”

” Capability, not cat- whatever you said. ¬†And it was a rhetorical question.”

“A what?” asked Owen.


Everyone turned towards the entrance.

“Uhh,” Aiden stammered, embarrassed at being forgotten,” where are we? I- I know we’re underground, but, but- Where are we?” he finally stammered.

“Oh yeah, how could I forget!?” Henry said to himself. “Welcome to the club house,” Henry said in a comically low voice, spreading his arms wide, Owen and Miranda mockingly mimicking him behind his back.

Aiden stifled a laugh.


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