Chapter eight

They were still laying on the floor when Henry came down. He looked at the dust billowing from the ceiling, then, to all the remains of the walkie-talkies on the floor.

“Owen,” Henry cried falling to his knees. “what did you do to my equipment? What did you do?”

“You just had to go and explode all of the equipment! Didn’t you Owen?! Now I”ll have to start all over again on the security equipment! That took me a year to make! Do you hear me?! A YEAR!” Miranda ranted at Owen, making more dust billow from the ceiling.

“I’m sorry okay?” Owen yelled right back.”I don’t try to wreck things! It just happens!”

“Then maybe you should just leave!” screamed Miranda, her ponytail flipping back and forth, hairs still out everywhere.

Owen looked shocked.”Fine!”
“Fine!” he yelled.

“Fine!” Miranda shouted at him.



This continued as Owen made his way all the way up the stairs.


Miranda stormed over to her chair. Aiden and Henry just stood there with their mouths hanging open. Aiden spoke first.

“My mom’s expecting me.” he said hurriedly.”My Aunt Beatrice is coming over for dinner.”

“Yeah, Heather’s probably looking for me.” Henry added. “Bye!” They both hurried up the stairs, leaving Miranda still fuming in the remains of all her ¬†gadgets and walkie-talkies.


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