Chapter four

Owen arrived at the graveyard shortly after Henry did.

“So, how’d you lose your sister?” he asked.

“She’s not my sister, and, one of the oldest tricks in the book.”

“Ah, the old hide-n-seek ditch. I’m so proud of you bro! High-five!”

After they high-fived each other, Henry asked. “So, when’s Aiden gonna get here? It’s almost initiation time.”

“Oops,” replied Owen. “I forgot to tell him there was a change of plans.”

“Owen you idiot! You forgetful idiot!” yelled Henry.

“Hey I didn’t forget the tub of swamp water!” Owen retaliated defensively.

“I’ll just call Aiden, tell him to come here instead.” Henry sighed. Henry pushed the button on the side of his walkie-talkie.”Aiden, new plan , we’re meeting at the graveyard. I hope you have a towel. Out.”

“Okay, I’m on me way. And, I brought a towel. Out.”

“So?” asked Owen.

“He’s on the way, Mr. Forgetful.” Henry said leaning against the big apple tree.

“Give me a boost bro.” Oen ordered.

“Why?” asked Henry.

“Look ¬†at those apples!” Owen said pointing at two big juicy apples.”Now do you see why I want a boost?”

“Owen, that’s not gonna work out.”

“Why not?”

“Well, first of all, you’re afraid of heights, second of all, you don’t know how to climb a tree because of that fear.”

“Hey how hard can it be? And, I think I’m over that.”

“Okay, if you say so.” Henry knelt down and cupped his hands.

“Ready Owen.”

Owen stepped into Henry’s hands. Henry lifter, and Owen grabbed onto the closest branch. Owen hoisted himself onto the branch, then reached for the branch above him. He wobbled a little, but soon found his balance again.

Once Owen started, he was like a monkey Very soon, Owen had both apples in hand.

“Toss them down to me, then climb down.” Henry instructed.

Owen looked down at Henry. He let out a help of surprise, dropped both apples, then clung to the branch.

Henry saw the apples fall, then dove.

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