Chapter nine

“Henry?” Henry slowly opened his eyes.

“AAH!” he yelped almost falling off his bed. “Heather,” he said angrily. “don’t do that again!”

“Your friends are here,” she said ignoring Henry’s orders. “they’re in the living room.”

“Wha- what?” Henry exclaimed. “They’re here?”




“Get out, get out, get out!” Henry yelled shooing her out the door. He slammed the door behind her. Henry threw open his closet doors and quickly threw on some tan cargo pants, and a navy blue T-shirt. He ran into the living room. Aiden, Owen, and Miranda were about to leave.

“Hey, Henry, Heather told us you weren’t available today. What does that mean?” asked Miranda.


“He’s going to play with me today!” Heather chanted skipping around Henry.

“Knock it off. I didn’t say that.”

“As soon as you dump the trash,” Owen said nodding at Heather. “meet us at the hideout. Oh, I almost forgot, we rode our bikes, just in case we need a ‘quick getaway’.”

“Okay, see you soon.” Henry sighed.

“Hopefully.” Aiden ¬†added.

“Hey Heather,” Henry said once his friends were out the door. “Go get Barbie ready, we’re going to get her a partner for riding in the rodeo.”

“Okay!” She said running to her room.

Henry ran out the door, and jumped on his bike. He pedaled as hard as he could, and had already booked it out the driveway and was on his way to the graveyard when Heather walked out with Barbie.

When he got to the graveyard, a couple was kneeling by a grave. He scooped up a few dandelions so it would look like he was there to visit a grave too. He walked over to the apple tree where Miranda, Owen, and Aiden were waiting.

“We’ve got a problem.” Aiden muttered running his fingers through his hair.

“So, we’ll just wait for them to leave.” said Henry, tossing his backpack under the tree, and sliding down be side it.

“Henry,” hissed Miranda. “look at the gravestone and what they’re doing to it.

“It’s fi-” Henry jumped up. The couple was tracing the stone! The stone that lead to the hideout!

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