HIDEOUT-Chapter 1 2012

“Mmm,” Henry sighed as a soft breeze swept across his face. Henry was laying under the huge pear tree on the big hill above his house.A majestic butterfly fluttered around in circles above his head. He stuck his finger up in the air hoping that the butterfly would land on it. The butterfly just daintily flapped its wings and fluttered arouyound Henry’s outstretched finger. Henry put his hand back down by his side, and the butterfly settled down on a big yellow sunflower near Henry.

“Henry! Henry, come home! There’s a spider and I’m scared! Henry!”

“Ugh,” Henry complained to himself. “I came here to get away from Heather.”
“Henry please!” called Heather. Heather was Henry’s extremely annoying seven year old stepsister that was afraid of everything. She even claimed she saw a ghost; more than once. “Henry, please, please, please! Mommy says it’s just a piece of lint, but I want you to kill it! Y-O-U-”

By now, Heather had make it to the hill. She sat down cross-legged next tot Henry. She grabbed a small pink and white flower and started plucking the petals off one by one counting,”one, two, three, four,five. Henry! There are five pink petals!”  she cried.
“Yeah, I know.” Henry said.
“Well I bet you didn’t know that dinner’s almost ready and I still need you to kill the spider.”
“Yeah I kind of knew that too. Now let’s head back home.” Henry and Heather started down the hill towards home.


  1. I hope you guys enjoyed this story!

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