Chapter seven

The room was cluttered. walkie-talkies were strewn across the floor, and on the table that was pushed against the wall. Batteries were also laying around in piles.

A shimmering, translucent figure drifted through one wall, and through the other.

Aiden slumped to the ground. “I think I’m having hallucinations.” he moaned.

“Whatcha mean?” Owen asked. He was sitting on the table trying to shove double A batteries into a walkie-talkie that took triple A batteries.

“I think I saw a ghost.” answered Aiden shakily.

“Nah, that was just  a hologram,”said Henry from over by multiple gadgets with blinking lights, Miranda by his side. “We’re working on a new security device. We;re going to make one where you have to give a DNA sample as soon as we perfect the holograms.

“Oh. Where’d you get all the stuff to make all that?”

“Junkyard,” answered Miranda pushing a few buttons, then typing something  on a flat keyboard.

“Yeah, thanks to Miranda, we will have a security system even the president doesn’t have. She’s a computer genius.” added Owen.

“Mmm” murmured Miranda. “I’ll be right back.” Miranda said after a while of typing. “I’m gonna go make some sandwiches.” she went up the stairway the boys came down a little while before.

“Don’t touch anything Owen.”she called over her shoulder.

“Ah man.” Owen groaned. Miranda’s footsteps faded away.

Owen jumped off the table and made his way over to the gadgets.

“Owen,” Aiden said warningly.”you’re not supposed to do anything.”

“What could happen?”

“Well, actually anything could happen,” said Henry in a matter-of-fact voice. “Now, i’m going to find the last part that will make the hologram clearer. And, Aiden? Don’t let Owen touch anything.” Henry went up to the stairway, following in Miranda’s footsteps.

Aiden began to try out some of the walkie-talkies.

Owen crept up to the gizmos, and started pushing buttons.

Suddenly, red lights flashed everywhere. An awful sound was echoing all around the room.

Miranda raced down the stairs. “OWEN! WHAT DID YOU DO?!!” she shrieked. Miranda started typing frantically on the keyboard. The flashing and the noise stopped. Miranda slumped into her chair.

“Don’t ever do that again,” she said breathlessly. A series of beeps started, getting faster  and faster. “GET DOWN!” she screamed pushing the others to the ground.

An explosion followed soon after the beeping. Walkie-talkies and debris went flying in every direction.


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