Chapter ten

“Henry, what are you doing?” Miranda asked. Henry had an apple in his hand.

“Henry, no! Miranda pleaded. But she was too late. The apple hit the woman in the back of her head. She stopped tracing to feel the bump the apple made. The man picked up the apple, turned around, and threw the apple at Henry. Henry ducked just in time. The apple smashed into the tree where Henry’s head was moments before.

“Whoa! Good arm, not to mention your aim! Henry grabbed another apple and lobbed it at the man. The mysterious man stepped to the side. Just as Henry planned. The apple hit home.  “Boo-ya!” Henry said punching his fists in the air.

“Don’t celebrate yet apple tosser. We still have to get the woman!” Henry turned, the woman was running down the stairs to the hideout.

“Get her!” Henry yelled. They all ran after her. On the way, Henry kicked the unconscious man. Just as Henry reached the top of the stairs, he heard a scream. He turned around quickly. The man had grabbed Miranda’s leg. Owen ran up and kicked the guy in the head. He slumped to the ground, unconscious again. Henry and the gang kept running.

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