Chapter Three

After dinner, as Henry pushed open the ¬†screen door, he called over his shoulder.”I’m going down to the swamp to catch beetles.”

“I wanna come! I wanna come!”Heather yelled jumping up and down excitedly. “Beastie Beastie needs more food.”

“Eww gross.” he muttered to himself. “I’me not catching beetles any more.” he called again to his stepmother.

“Oh, come on! Henry I want to catch beetles.” Heather whined, using her I’m-so-sad puppy face. “Please!”

“Nope, sorry not going. But how about playing hide-and-seek instead?”


“You hide and I’ll seek.” Henry said.

“Go and count Henry. Go, go, go!”

Henry left the room and started walking towards the front door. “One, two, ¬†tree” he called.

“It’s not tree it’s three” Heather called from her hiding spot.

“Okay, three,”

Once outside, Henry pulled a walkie-talkie out of his pocket. “New plan Owen, we have to meet at the graveyard instead of the swamp. Out”

“Roger that,” said a voice crackling over the radio. “Be there in ten minutes. Out.”

Henry started walking towards the graveyard.

“Henry! Do you give up? Can I come out now?” Heather’s voice drifted towards Henry. “Henry?”

Henry started running.


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