Chapter Two

“It’s just a piece of lint.” Henry said looking at Heather.

“Will you please stomp on it just in case?”

“Fine,” Henry said stepping on the lint.

“Thank you,” Heather said cheerfully. She ran off to her room.

Henry sighed, “Why does she always do this to me?”

“Henry, she looks up to you, you could at least try¬†to be nice to her.” Henry’s stepmother Jillian said.

“I know, I know, but she’s just so weird and-”

“Unique,” Jillian interrupted. “she’s just unique, that’s all.”

“Okay, she’s unique, but she gets scared about every little thing. Like the other day when we went to the park, there was a lady-bug on the slide and she wouldn’t go down, even after I got it off. She said it left germs.”

“Henry, she doesn’t want to get hurt.”

“Well what about the ghosts then?” Henry asked.

“Your father and I think that Heather is afraid to die so she came up with the ghost stories.”


“Just try to be nice, okay?”

“Fine I’ll try.”

“Good , now go tell Heather dinner is ready.”

Henry walked down the hall and into Heather’s room.

“Heather dinner’s- whoa! What happened to her?” Heather was sitting on the floor of her room holding a Barbie doll with one leg missing. “Barbreea fell off her monster in the monster rodeo.” Heather held up Ken, who was scribbled all over with marker, “This is her monster.” She said. “Now Doctor Henry will you fix Barbreea up and give her a cowboy band aid? Please?”

“Her name is pronounced Barbie, and, um, maybe later, come on dinner’s ready.

“I’ll check on you later Beastie Beastie.” Heather to said to Ken.


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