Tristan Alister river drum

Just trying to build some character. Be warned. There are many spoilers on the journey before you.


Sapphire could feel the pain the moment the arrow struck her, though, one moment she was fine, the next, pain was blossoming from a point in her calf, pain that made her want to curl up and sob, that made her question her decision to help this stranger she’d met only a few days ago. She didn’t stop though, relying on the adrenaline rushing through her body to push her forward, to keep her upright.

Pain was horrible. That’s what Tristan thought. Pain had never been a part of his life. Yet somehow it was now. He felt as if the world was shattering around him, the ground crumbling beneath his feet to reveal nothing but a dark abyss. Who killed his brother? Who betrayed them? And why did it feel like a knife slowly shredding his heart into small irreplaceable scraps? Surely that would hurt less than what he was feeling now.

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